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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a non-invasive, painless, high-oxygen-pressure course of treatment used for various conditions and illnesses, including carbon monoxide poisoning, diabetic ulcers and other non-healing wounds, necrosis of soft tissue and bone due to radiation treatments, gas gangrene and more. HBOT is recognized as a successful adjunctive treatment by the American Medical Association, Medicare, and many commercial insurers.



Inside the comfortable multi-person chamber, pure oxygen is administered at an air pressure 2 to 3 times higher than that of the external atmosphere. By placing the patient in a high-pressure, high-oxygen environment, the patientís white blood cells significantly increase the bodyís ability to heal.  As the patient breathes normally, the high pressure atmosphere forces pure oxygen into the bloodstream, increasing blood flow and creating new blood vessels.  This increased oxygen delivery to all tissues improves the ability of the white blood cells to kill bacteria and helps boost the bodyís own natural healing process.


Throughout the treatment session, the HBOT technicians are in ongoing contact with each patient, ensuring the highest level of comfort and accommodation. The technicians can view the patient in the chamber, adjust the temperature and help ensure maximal patient comfort throughout the process.  Patients can read, watch a movie on the DVD system, or just relax.  Physician supervision is provided during all treatments, to ensure the highest quality of care.

Detroit Receiving's hyperbaric oxygen therapy program is staffed by highly skilled physicians, nurses and technicians who are experienced in HBOT. Throughout the treatment session, staff members are in ongoing contact with patients, via the HBOT chamber intercom. Patients are also able to watch television or nap during treatment.

Fewer than 5% of patients experience side effects, including minor ear or sinus discomfort (similar to ascending or descending in a plane), oxygen toxicity or mild visual changes, which usually resolve within a few weeks after treatment has ended.

Children can be treated in the Detroit Receiving HBOT chambers on an outpatient basis, with overnight accommodations available within walking distance of the hospital, at the International Center, for those families not living in Metro Detroit.  HBOT is an effective treatment for:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Gas embolisms
  • Gas gangrene
  • Necrosis of soft tissue and bone due to cancer radiation treatments
  • Non-healing sores and wounds
  • Post surgical procedures
  • Preservation of compromised skin grafts

For more information about Detroit Receiving Hospital's hyperbaric oxygen therapy program, please call  (313) 745-8450.  Information on Medicare can be found at: http://www.uhms.org/reimbursement.htm


Detroit Receiving Hospital offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy 24-hours a day, administered by experienced hyperbaric nurses. On-site physician supervision is provided around-the-clock to ensure the highest quality of care.


To learn more about HBOT, please call (313) 745-8450


See Dr. Robert Wilson, Medical Director for DRH's Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine ProgramVisit ABCNews.com, and click on "TOP DIABETES MEDICAL CENTERS" to scroll down to Detroit Receiving Hospital.


Click here to view the HBOT video from the Emery King's Medical Video Library, on the DMC's web site.